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Sustainable Seafood, Local Fisherman, Traceability and QR

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Exactly year ago I planned a presentation for the New England Food Service Show and the Boston Seafood Show, I was playing around with QR Codes to the point of making them edible, using branding irons to stamp them in a flour tortilla, printing chocolates and developing a silk screen with the use of  Squid ink to place a QR code , the first attempt was a success, I was able to pinpoint a specific URL with the recipe of a Lobster Causa, the first dish was the Causa QR, a fantasy of connecting a diner with the source of what they were actually eating. As I was developing the idea I met Chef Rich Garcia of 606 Congress and introduced me to Trace and Trust,  an organization that helps small fisherman through technology to connect with Chefs and Customers. I met with the developers of trace and trust and explained that I was working on QR codes and wanted to do a presentation where we could trace a specific fish and showcase the fisherman, immediately I was connected with Steve Arnold, a fisherman from Point Judith RI, and started to plan our presentation. We created a code designed by a french artist (Benoit Dupard) that was not the normal scary black and white doted code, this one had small fish and had a unique shape, we then successfully presented to the public a revolutionary method to trace fish and support local fisherman. We are happy to see the evolution of Trace and Trust in a year, with more chefs connecting with local fisherman and buying traceable, super fresh fish. For more information about trace and trust go to www.traceantrust.com