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Gourmet Adventure Peru 2009, with an Eco-Friendly aspect

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March 21 to March 28, Chef Jose Duarte will be joining a group of travelers heading to Peru. The trip is organized by Gourmet Consulting Group and it will be the first exclusive high end Gourmet Adventure with an Eco-Friendly set. The group will be visiting Cusco and Machu Picchu, as a part of the Carbon Offsetting program that the company has established a fund will be created to support a renewable energy project in the Andean Region, a Carbon offset of $6 per passenger  for the air portion used from Lima to Cusco will fund the project led by Casa Ecologica del Cusco, our tour operator in Cusco and Lima. Most of the ingredients used by locals chefs in the Cusco area will be organic and sustainable, produced by cooperatives led by Casa Ecologica. We intend not to purchase any small bottled water as we discover that only 20% of plastic bottles are recycled in Peru and they end land filled. We are providing aluminum refillable bottles and will fill from a large purified water container. All the disposable products used will be PLA and compostable, all biodegradable material will be turn into compost. Casa Andina, our selected hotel and the Private Collection brand has agreed not to place plastic bottles of water in the rooms. Hopefully we will quantify the effect of not buying plastic bottles and minimize waste and greatly contribute to the environment. All printed material made of 100% recycled paper and natural inks. The trip will repeat every year, and it has a limited space of 12 participants.