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Tankless Takagi Water heaters

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We are so happy to have completed a long sizing, testing and installation process of our Tankless water heaters. Back in January our 100 Gal AO Smith Tank water heater broke, no guarantee, and it was installed 3 1/2 years ago. The cost of replacing a similar tank was way over 10K. We then started research on what can we install that is Energy Efficient and Environmentally friendly. We found TAKAGI, a Japanese company, with commercial applications of the product. Takagi USA did a sizing based on our hot water demand and concluded that we needed 2 TM199, self combustion to supply enough hot water. We contacted a plumber certified by Takagi and he insisted that we only needed 1 TM-1 unit, and that was going to be sufficient, as Takagi also undersized the unit it was installed and we did not get enough flow, plumber was negligent and I fired him. Then we got Takagi involved and a different plumber and they recommended 3 TK-3, we just installed them and we have plenty of hot water. During the time the TM1 was in place we saved about $150 monthly comparing to last year’s gas bill. We are also receiving a $300 rebate per unit from Keyspan. The cost of installing the equipment was less than replacing the AO Smith, and we will be saving at least 40% more gas than running a tank. ¬†For more information visit www.takagi.com