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Takagi Tankless Water Heaters - Do not purchase!

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As this Blog serves as a tool to inform you of all the Eco-friendly changes we made, results and savings, I feel I also have to let everybody know of what works and what does not. We decided to use Takagi, during the sizing and equipment selection Takagi and the Plumber undersized the unit, having to remove a TM1 and install 3 TK3’s. The cost of the undersized unit was going to be reimbursed to me by Takagi in means of parts or other equipment, a total of $1,850.   We installed 3  TK3 units and one of them stop working 2 weeks ago. I tried to reach the TAKAGI regional office in New Jersey and the Senior Tech Mr. Mike Little who knew about the exchange issue never returned calls, Same thing with Mr. Jeff Young from J&K Sales in New Hampshire, their local rep. I called the plumber that installed the units and he said he will not service TAKAGI any longer as they are not being responsible for the product guarantee and there is no more “guarantee” the product. We bought them apparently with a 5 year guarantee. I was finally put in contact with TAKAGI Corporate and their customer service department and I was told they were not responsible for the equipment exchange! The customer service rep argued that it was someone else’s fault, besides being rude and not helpful. Now I am not only left with a minus $1,850 but with cold water and a broken heater that no plumber wants to service, as plumbers claim they are too complicated to fix and parts are not available and expensive. I have done about 15 public and private presentations “promoting” Takagi and explaining their technology, some of them for National Grid and the National Restaurant Association, besides using them as an example for TV and media pieces including Kraft Foodservice.  I am not happy about the way Takagi handled this situation!