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Installation of Powerhouse Dynamics e-monitor

Posted In: Green Restaurant

After seeing a dramatic fluctuation on my electric bill from season to season I decided to seek ways to better manage that energy consumption. I was introduced to the e-monitor C series for Business. The system practically tells you where your money is going, when and how much of it. the way it works is by installing sensors in every breaker and then reporting specific energy consumption by breaker to a database that gets updated via wifi through the internet. You are able to produce KWH consumption reports, recommendations, etc. The first week we installed we found a compressor working more than it should be consuming unnecessary electricity, as we found it was not vented properly.  My freezer is the N-1 consumer during the winter and I am forecasting that my AC will be during the summer. By looking at the data I am already thinking on ways of minimizing energy consumption for the freezer, we checked gaskets, we have the cooltrol installed, we keep looking. We can control behavior when Staff uses equipment, and ventilation system, we could determine exactly at what time the kitchen exhaust was turned on and if it was necessary or not. We are now looking for ways to implement motors for out kitchen exhaust that are on demand so we can modulate kwh consumtion. http://www.powerhousedynamics.com/reduce-commercial-energy-costs/