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Sloan Dual Flush Flushometer - Bathroom install

Posted In: Green Restaurant

We have just installed 2  water conserving fixtures in the ladies restroom to help save water. By installing these new water saving devices we are continuing our Eco Friendly efforts.
The new valves have a Dual-Flush feature which can save up to a 1/2 a gallon of water per flush. Depending on the need, you can either tilt the handle UP for  a reduced flush – this is for  times when you are only flushing liquid and light paper waste. Or, you can tilt the handle Down for a full flush – this is for solid waste. These new Dual-Flush valves can save a tremendous amount of water, but only if  they are used properly. Also the new handles on the valves are Green; the handles are coated with specially formulated antimicrobial coating to protect against germs.
imagesSloan dual flush