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Activeion, a revolutionary way to save money, clean and sanitize while reducing your CO2 footprint

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Learned about this product trough the Green Restaurant Association Newsletter, the hand spray gun uses tap water and utilizes a charge from a battery pack that is rechargeable.¬† The principle is to “Activate” the water with ions and nano stuff, a complicated process that is explained in detail on their website www.activeion.com. Tap water is converted into a powerful cleaning and sanitizing solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria!! We intend to eliminate the use of bleach, ammonia, windex, etc etc, We will use to clean surfaces, windows, furniture, and to sanitize working spaces in our kitchen. Probably one of the most revolutionary eco friendly¬† cleaning products I have ever purchased. It is not a cheap product, it goes for about $300 but adding all the cleaning products we buy and we consume the cost indicates immediate return on the investment. And also there is a whole environmental benefit behind using it, not only because is not toxic but because we are becoming more sustainable by not having to bring more products that go through manufacture, packaging, transportation, and all the energy used to be produced until arrives to your restaurant.