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2008 "Taranta Green" Goals

Posted In: Green Restaurant, Sustainability

1.- Installation of a solar panel to charge votive candles.
2.- Retrofit all toilets, urinals and plumbing fixtures
3.- Use 100% post-consumer paper in all office supplies, menus etc
4.- Ask vendors to email statements instead of mail statements.
5.- Buy more organic local products, fish, vegetables, etc.
6.- Charge more for bottled water and give the diference to a non-profit green association tbd
7.- Transition to biodegradable cleaners, dishwashing soaps, etc.
8.- Be able to reduce garbage producction to 3% by using all biodegradable plastic wrappers, straws, bags, etc.
9.- Start a Biodynamic – Organic wine list
10.- Support “Green” vendors
11.- Replace plastic toothpicks for wooden toothpicks
12.- Change all refrigeration gaskets to minimize energy consumption
13.- Create awareness
Will add as I learn more and come up with new ideas.