Staff Spotlight

Taranta employs an eclectic group of food, drink, and adventure enthusiasts. Our tight-knit family travels all over the world on culinary adventures together so that we may provide guests with the best possible experience when dining with us. Many of our staff has been with us for over 5 years, and continues to grow with the restaurant as we expand our knowledge of food, the environment, and the processes that tie it all together. 

When you dine at Taranta, you become part of this experience, and we encourage you to ask your server about their experiences and their area of expertise!


Taylor Choquet

General Manager

Taylor Choquet

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Taylor has a passion for cooking, baking, and all things hospitality. At the age of 14, she began her own cookie company named Taylor Baked Cookies in order to fund her college tuition. This furthered her love for chocolate and baking, and pointed her in the direction of her college career. She has since had experience in many restaurants in the Boston area, and completed her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from UMASS Amherst. Taylor now works hard as our General Manager to maintain our respectful reputation. You may also catch her instructing one of our cooking classes on her signature “Taylor-misu”.



Paul Capecchi
Catering & Special Events Chef,
Cooking Class Instructor

PaulBorn in Caracas, Venezuela, as the result of  mix of  Spanish-French-Italian-Holand parents with a twist of South American  and Native-Indonesian. His love for food began at early age when he discovered the ability to combine flavors at his family’s home. After High School, he began his culinary endeavors working in several French restaurants in Caracas as a cook apprentice under the direction of  Michael Gerard  a three-star Michelin Chef , Jacques Cagnac,  and Pierre Troigross . He developed his passion for fine French cuisine. After he gained the necessary experience working with  Nouvelle and Traditional French Cuisine , he moved on to  learn Italian and Spanish Cuisine to complete his skills and knowledge in Mediterranean Cuisine .Years after he developed his secret passion for Chocolate working with a German and Belgium Master Chocolatier. He was a founder member for CEGA ( Centro de Estudios Gastronomicos) Le Toques Blanches, Chaine des Rotisseurs International and Caribbean Culinary Federation  in Venezuela. Paul decided to expose his culinary performance in a eclectic fusion of “ Caribbean-Mediterranean Cuisine” performing at  Events and Gastronomic Festivals.  In 2000 he moved to the USA to work as gastronomic adviser and consultant for Latino restaurant projects, and ad Food Styling and make-up artist for the advertising market while teaching classes in Caribbean Ethnic Gastronomy.



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